walnut.unique delves into a journey of self-discovery. The walnut kernel serves somehow as a metaphor for the human brain. If one of the kernels were to suddenly gain consciousness, would it lost itself among its peers, given that they all appear similar? Would it strive to prove its uniqueness? 

We, too, may share common traits, but each one of us is uniquely different. Sometimes we might want to approve that so much that we end up lost sights of ourselves. Who I am? Where do i belong? 

Let's embark on a journey to discover.


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The walnuts - they come from Eislingen, a city in southern Germany. They are smaller, imperfect, yet they are original, authentic.


Each of them seems to be the same, sharing the same origin, roots, and history. But somehow each one is a unique entity, formed within its own cocoon, and has found its own path to unfold.


The sensation, holding a walnut in the one hand – its size, weight, color, and every single fold conveying the woody feel. The lines, ready to be drawn by the other hand, try to interpret what this walnut represents.

Each walnut is a unique entity, just like every human being. Regardless of others‘ perspectives, we maintain our individuality.


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The walnuts we know are hard, round, mostly brown. What if a walnut wants to change? What if it wants to be soft? Be colorful? Or even change its consistency?


Was there ever a moment in your life when you wished to be someone else for a change? Have you ever felt curious or jealous about others and thought it might be better to change yourself? Did you do it, even for a short moment? Did you regret it?


Somehow, the walnut was tired of trying to be others and could see through its own eyes. 


It sees itself.

It feels itself.

It sets itself free.



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