Walnut in the Eye



oil on canvas

30 x 24cm



Creative Process



Since the beginning of this project, I have had this idea of incorporating a walnut as the focal point, resembling an pupil of an eye.


During the research phase, I stumbled upon a portrait photo that inspired me. It depicted a girl in the shadow of a tree (shown below).


My first pencil sketches went pretty well. Then I started to study the interplay of light and color in the photo. Opting for oil painting, I experimented with some color schemes using color pencils, feeling I was ready to go.


After completing the first layer, I realized the shadow on the face could potentially disrupt the clarity and blur the focal point - the walnut in the eye. It is crucial to remove the shadow.


It changed everything.


The reference portrait was powerful mostly because of the shadow play. Without it, the photo appeared boring, devoid of compelling light effects. Yet I decided not to change the reference photo, since I liked the expression of the eye area.


I persisted in my efforts, regardless of the outcome.

I put my own understanding into it and made some changes.







The process was a gift in itself. All the efforts were worth it.


And then,

she´s there - with walnuts in her eyes.





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