Hi there, I am Coco. 
Happy to meet you.

My artistic journey began ever since I could hold a pencil. I have been drawing, sketching, painting, crafting - creating things with my hands my whole life (to be exact 37 years by now). My very first artist-like experience was back in the school time, when I got to draw and publish our school magazine. That felt awesome.

After school - German Philology B.A. (University of International Business and Economics, Peking) and Business Management M.Sc. (Universität Potsdam, Potsdam) - I have worked as brand manager (which I now think back was the most confusing period in my life except I met some wonderful people), freelance graphic designer and illustrator (which was great except when the client insisted on a "colourful black"). 

After navigating through all this confusion, I decided to return to my roots in art. I opened my studio and focused on my own projects. I am also getting educated again, relearning the language of art. With this newfound understanding of art, I feel invigorated on my journey again.
It is so fabulous.
Art speaks when words are unable to explain.

It's the little, unnoticed details that imbue life with its charm. Through artistic eyes, one can see, hear, smell and feel things in a unique manner. I cherish the local walnut trees and their imperfect walnuts that fall down in the autumn season. I dream about being carried away by the waves into the depth of the ocean, where I can imagine everything my heart desires. I inhale the closeness with my children and feel the immense strength it gives me.
At the moment, I'm fully focused on my project walnut.unique, which delves into a journey of self-discovery. The walnut kernel serves somehow as a metaphor for the human brain. If one of the kernels were to suddenly gain consciousness, would it lost itself among its peers, given that they all appear similar? Would it strive to prove its uniqueness? We, too, may share common traits, but each one of us is uniquely different. Sometimes we might want to approve that so much that we end up lost sights of ourselves. Who I am? Where do i belong? Let's embark on a journey to discover.

This year I will also proceed two major projects the ocean and us and dear kids. In project the ocean and us I will delve into different techniques of watercolor on canvas. Last year, after our family vacation in Italy, I tried to work with watercolor on canvas to achieve some special effects. It pleasantly surprised me how the water flowed across the cotton surface. This year I am eager to further explore more of that. In project dear kids I will try to express myself more authentically. I aim to delve into the depths of relationships, growth, motherhood and other profound themes.


I have been written about some serious stuff. That is just a little part of me.
The big part is always looking for fun. Cause you have to admit - 

Life is hard. Have fun. 
It's the only way to survive.

I love cooking, that is one of my ways to enjoy life. I love travelling with family, thats another way. I love meeting friends, that's another other way. 

I have a wonderful husband, who supports me no matter what, even the craziest thoughts. We live in Germany for 13 years. I have three adorable kids, who are not adorable all the time, but adorable enough to bear me as a messy crazy mother. I have an old handsome dog, who easily gets too excited. I have amazing parents who live in China - that's where I come from, and visit us every year. I have friends who keep telling me how unique I am when I sometimes have doubts on myself. I am so thankful for all that I have and know not to take it for granted. 

If you meet me in person, you will see me (almost) always with a smile (because, why not). I am quiet most of the time (or for people I don't know well), but can laugh out so loud like never knowing how to stop. I would celebrate every little cute moment of life. I believe in the good energy of people. I am honest and frank, tried to be more diplomatic though but never succeed. My friends say I have a strange sense of humor. Sometimes no one gets my point but it doesn't bother me at all. 

So, that's pretty much all about me.
Glad you can stay and come occasionally if you want. I'll try to keep you inspired.

Have fun,


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