Hi there, I am Coco. 
Happy to meet you.

My artistic journey began ever since I could hold a pencil. I have been drawing, sketching, crafting - creating things with my hands my whole life (to be exact 36 years by now). My very first artist-like experience was back in the school time, when I got to draw and publish our school magazine. That felt awesome.

After school - German Philology B.A. (University of International Business and Economics, Peking) and Business Management M.Sc. (Universität Potsdam, Potsdam) - I have worked as marketing manager (which I now think back was the most confusing period in my life except I met some wonderful people), freelance graphic designer and illustrator (which was great except when the client insisted on a colourful black). I have been working with children and we established together our own publication, the Turing Magazine.

Art speaks when words are unable to explain.

As mother of three kids, which means it is difficult to work for clients with urgent deadlines, I decided to get back to art. I opened my studio and focused on my own projects. I have been practicing, experimenting and exploring - everything that inspires me. I am also getting educated again, relearning the language of art. With new understanding of art, I am on my way again. It is so fabulous. 

They say you should focus on niche and align your style. 
Thats how you sale.

I know. 
But I am enjoying the journey that leads to it, for the moment. The trying part is so beautiful and a treasure as it is. I’m concentrating myself on two of my major projects at the moment, the ocean and us and dear kids. The children’s book about Chinese New Year will also be the focus next year. 

I am open to explore all kinds of things right now. Someday I will develop my own unique style, maybe. But it is a pity to rush into things for no reason.

Take chances, 
make mistakes, 
that's how you grow.

That is what I am always saying to my children. Don't rush into growth, enjoy being a kid.

I love being creative together with kids. When they get their hands busy, amazing things begin to happen. That was the initial idea of mini club - to offer the local kids a place where they can be free on their creativity. I just play the role of tutor, or observer, or listener. All kids are born artists. 


I have been written about some serious stuff. That is just a little part of me.
The big part is always looking for fun. Cause you have to admit - 

Life is hard. Have fun. 
It's the only way to survive.

I love cooking, that is one of my ways to enjoy life. I love travelling with family, thats another way. I love meeting friends, that's another other way. 

I have a wonderful husband, who supports me no matter what, even the craziest thoughts. We live in Germany for 13 years. I have three adorable kids, who are not adorable all the time, but adorable enough to bear me as a messy crazy mother. I have an old handsome dog, who easily gets too excited. I have amazing parents who live in China - that's where I come from, and visit us every year. I have friends who keep telling me how unique I am when I sometimes have doubts on myself. I am so thankful for all that I have and know not to take it for granted. 

If you meet me in person, you will see me (almost) always with a smile (because, why not). I am quiet most of the time (or for people I don't know well), but can laugh out so loud like never knowing how to stop. I would celebrate every little cute moment of life. I believe in the good energy of people. I am honest and frank, tried to be more diplomatic though but never succeed. My friends say I have a strange sense of humor. Sometimes no one gets my point but it doesn't bother me at all. 

So, that's pretty much all about me.
Glad you can stay and come occasionally if you want. I'll try to keep you inspired.

Have fun,


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